It's your SHOW! You may set up your show to be anything you want. Can you sing, dance? Can you play an instrument, piano, guitar, Etc? Build a fan base, entertain and make money. You only need to sign-up and do it! I was scanning through some of the cam sites and stopped on one that had a pretty girl singing an playing the guitar, i checked to see how many fans she had, over 500 and receiving tips over $530.00 when I moved on. See for yourself.

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How much money will I make? This obviously depends on you, how many hours you work and how successful you are.  The top models make over $50,000 in a month, and many models make over $10,000 plus a month. It all depends on the individual model and every model is different.

Getting started
is easy and fast, you can be signed up to any of the following studios and making money before the day is out. Select one or more of the top cam sites listed below and APPLYYou will need a clear copy of your photo id and a clear photo of you holding your id to your face and a couple bikini photos and this can be done with your cell phone. You will be asked to fill out your profile and that's it.  If approved you will be contacted with download instructions and how to get started.  Some cam sites will have you in training for a day or two and you start making money and building your fan base from day one. Applications received without a clear photo copy of your ID and a clear photo of you holding your ID to your face will be deleted.  I also suggest you apply to several of the following studios, this way you can try them to see which ones work best for you, plus you may find you do better with one studio in the AM and another in the PM but one at a time.
Things you may want to do as a cam model
: This is YOUR SHOW, so try to set up daily shows with regular hours, design an attractive properly lit set if working from home, some successful models like to work from there car, or public places such as library, restaurants, etc., and always smile, laugh, have fun! be creative, that is how you build a fan base, your fans will sign on everyday to see you and tip you, they will spend money tipping your free shows, and spend more watching your group and private shows and even more for the models that include Skype sessions. 
Best advise
I can give you toward making money is to have fun with it, models that make the most money are the ones who seem to be having the most fun!  Put on great shows, chat with fans, meeting new people everyday.  Did you know that movie producers and talent scouts are always checking cam sites for the next super model or movie star, it's not out of the question and it happens. Who knows, you may even meet the love of your life? Oh yeah, that happens too!
As far as hours go;  You can make just as much money at 6am as you can 6pm, it's always webcam time for someone.

Location Privacy: Most cam studios offer location privacy where you can block individuals, cities, states and countries.

All your questions will be answered for each studio you apply to: rules, regulations, how and when you get paid, etc.


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